k1 silicone

Silicone K1 is suitable for use with most render spray machines and can also be hand applied. It is ideal for larger projects where the speed of machine application can offer time saving benefits. Silicone K1 provides a fine texture finish.

Thin Coat

Silicone TC 15 is a self-coloured render and can be hand or spray applied. It is a ready to use organic resin render which is applied to provide a low maintenance textured finish. It is also available in different textures (TC 05, TC 10 & TC 30) and a wide variety of colours. Prior to application the substrate should be primed using Primer TC.

External Wall

External wall insulation is a great alternative when looking to improve the insulation of a building, reducing heat loss and improving the building envelope. Buildings that have been constructed prior to the 1930s are generally built with solid walls, meaning there are no cavities that can be filled with insulation. Therefore, in order to improve the insulating properties of the building, insulation must be fitted on the exterior of the walls -installing insulation on the interior would decrease the usable space and room sizes.